50+ Wedding Backdrops Ideas For Your Wedding

50+ Wedding Backdrops|Wedding background Ideas For Your Wedding

In Weddings, if We talk About the Wedding Backdrops Then everyone Want to Create a Unique And Beautiful Decorations For there Wedding And Party But its Really a very Difficult task For Everyone to Create a Unique Backdrops For there Engagement Party And Wedding. So here I will Solve Your This Problem. First of All You have to Know –

What is a Wedding Backdrop??

If You Don’t know the Correct Meaning of Wedding backdrops Then all Things will become Difficult for you. So First of all I am Solving your this Query.

A wedding Backdrop is a Place of Wedding or Party Where you Want to Decor And where all Activities Will Done. You Also Can Say Where you Want to Click Photos For memory That Place can be Wedding Backdrop. Backdrop is giving a Background Decoration to Your Photos For Making them More Attractive And Beautiful.Many Times Peoples Also Say A hall Where will guest gather, In this Wedding Stage,Wedding hall And Dinner hall are included Can be Wedding Backdrop.

In a Wedding Or Party, Backdrop Is the main Place where all Activities Will Done. So This is Definition of Wedding backdrops. So Know I Think That you Totally Understand That What is Wedding Backdrops .

In weddings, There are Many Types of Activities Will Done Like Henna Functions or Mehandi Function, Dance or Sangeet, Ring Ceremony etc. They All Needs a Background Decoration.So Know We have to Move to Our Next step-

Why wedding Backdrop Decoration Needs?

It,s Simple Answer Is to Make Your Wedding Photography Awesome. Your Wedding Photography Totally Depends on Your Wedding Backdrops Decorations. If you make a very bright backdrop With Decoration then Your Photo Can’t be Click Clearly. So It’s Necessary to make Your Wedding Stage Decoration not Much Lighter or brighter.

So In the Next few Steps I will Show you How You Can make your Wedding Decoration Awesome in a Cheap Price, What will be the Size of Wedding backdrop And What will be the Cost you Should pay on your Wedding Decorations.

Wedding Backdrop Ideas For Your Wedding

let Start to pick up Some Ideas for Your Wedding Background. In Wedding Background, Wedding Stage Decoration is very Important So we Are Starting With Wedding Stage .

Wedding Stage Decoration
Wedding Stage Decoration

This is Wedding Background Idea Which is made by marigold garlands And halogen lights. In the Background you can see That There is White Curtain. On this Curtain There Are Some White Pom Pom garlands. This Backdrop Size is Approx 30 Foot. This Image is Just a Idea For your Wedding Backdrops. You Can Give Some your Creativity to this Decoration Like you Can Use Different Light Shades And Different Colors of Marigold garlands. You Can See the Wedding Chair for Bride and Groom. Here You Can Choose Different types Of Chairs And Cushion But Remember That Color Combination Is Necessary Other Wise you Will Lose the Attraction of your Wedding Stage Decoration.Cost for This Decoration would be Approx 14000 USD.

Also Showing you a One More Image For Wedding Backdrop ideas

Indian Wedding Decorations
Indian Wedding Decorations

In This Indian Wedding Decorations, There Are Many Types of Light Shades Used. Multi color Light Decoration Gives a Attractive look to the Wedding Backdrops. here In The Image, You Can See There Are Indian Decorative Umbrella’s are Used for the Decoration.Main Stage is Decorated by the Multi Color Fabrics. For the Guest there are circular types of chairs arranged in the right side of stage and Front side is totally Opened. Cost for This Decoration would be Approx 30000 USD.

Special Suggestion For you -For Making more beautiful Decoration You can Use Multi color Garlands And Vintage Seating Chairs for the guest. You Also Can Use Sofa’s For the Guest. Sofa Will Give more Beauty to the Decoration But you Must have Sufficient Space For the Decoration. You Also Can Use More Decorative Cushions Which Will Shine in The Lights.

This is a Night wedding stage decoration but if Your Wedding Function is in Sun Light Then Decoration Will Totally Different for you.For Day Wedding Backdrop ideas I am Showing you a Different Image.

Wedding Decoration Ideas
Wedding Decoration Ideas

In the Upper Image Idea You Can See That this is a very simple decoration with white Curtains and Some of Artificial Flowers.Here, White Stage Theme is Matching with the clay of beach.So this is giving a great look to the decoration.There are chairs are Arranged in sequence for the guest And there is a path between the chairs for bride and Groom Which is Ending at the Stage.

Beach Wedding Decoration
Beach Wedding Decoration

In the Sides of Path There are Some square shape Polls.On the Polls There Artificial Flowers are Arranged.You also can Choose Circular Polls but Color must be White.You Also can decorate or Change the path of this decoration like this Image –

Wedding Decorations
Wedding Decorations

This Type of Path also gives a charming look to the decorations. In the Upper paragraph I discussed About the polls That you Can Use Circular Polls.But here you Can see the color,This is wooden. So this color can give your decoration good look but if you Use Any other color then it will not Match with your Other Decoration.Now we talk about the cost of this decoration. The Cost of This Decoration would be approx 20000 USD.

So, I think You Got a Little Idea for your Wedding Decoration.As I say the Decoration is Depends on your Creativity. Some One Says on Creativity “Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones“.

You Can see, all Wedding Backdrops are expensive. A Wedding Function Can be Expensive but if Some One Want to do a Cheap Wedding Decoration,Kitty Party, Birthday Decoration,Anniversary Decorations,Christmas Decoration,Diwali Decoration, Eid Decoration Or Any Other Small Function Decoration Then What he Can Do? So Let We Start to talk About

How can I decorate my wedding for cheap?

For a Cheapest wedding Decoration I am Showing you Some Wedding Backdrops Items Suggestions and Products that can Help you to Decor your Wedding in a Cheap Price. Also you Can Use These Items In Multiple Functions like Wedding Background, Henna Function background Decoration, Diwali Decoration,Christmas Function Decoration,Eid Decoration,Birthday party Decoration and In kitty party.These are the Cheap Products that you Can Use for the Decoration –

  1. Garlands
  2. Decorative Umbrella’s
  3. Fabric Lanterns
  4. Decorative Cushions
  5. Curtains for Wedding Decoration
  6. Tapestries for wall hanging
  7. Decorative Ottoman Pouf


This is the Most Important thing for your Wedding Stage Decoration. There are many Colors Available According to your Theme.So this Product is Wonderful Idea For your Wedding Function.

Wedding garlands
Wedding garlands

Normally a Stage Decoration is 12 to 15 foot long and 15 to 20 foot in width.So Totally maximum 300 to 350 Foot Decoration Needs for a Stage Decorations.So These garlands will Cost you just 200 USD for 300 to 350 Foot Decoration. If we Include other Place like Walls And home then it will Cost you Approx 500 to 600 USD. You can use Colors as Much as You Can or you Can Use Colors According to your theme.

Suggestion – Normally In Wedding Backdrops, Peoples Use Marigold Color garlands .So I recommend you to do 70-80% of decoration with Marigold Color.

features Of Garlands

  • You can Use These Garlands In Multiple Functions.
  • In Years, if they are dusty then you can wash it. They are washable.
  • low Weight,Easy to move And easy to pack in box.

Garlands Default Size is 4.5 ft Long. This is Also a recommend size but if you long then default like 10 foot or more then you can contact to sellers.

for purchasing These garlands, You Can Buy From Indiandecorevintage on Etsy. It has Best Reviews on Etsy In garlands Product.More Further Information You Can get From Seller.So let Come to Our next product For Wedding Backdrops Decorative Umbrella’s.

Decorative Umbrella’s

Now a Days In weddings, You Can See the Garlands and Decorative Umbrella’s Combinations for Decorations. This will give you a Next level Decoration. before one or two year ago people use only garlands but now umbrella is also a preference of peoples For decoration. For a great decoration You need to Use These Umbrella’s.

Umbrellas Decorations
Umbrellas Decorations

Decorative Umbrella's
Wedding Baackgrounds

In Images, You Can See the Umbrella Decoration Ideas.There are Many Types of Designs In Indian Umbrella’s. You Can Use Different types of Designs For Your Decoration. With the garlands They Look Much Pretty.Costing of These Umbrella’s will 10 to 15 US Dollars Each. Approx 50 Umbrellas You Need for a Kitty Party And Other Small Functions But In Wedding Function you Need Approx 80 to 100 Umbrellas. so Totally within 1000 US Dollars You Will get Your Indian Wedding Umbrellas.

For Buying these Umbrella’s I am Suggesting you IndianHomeDecoration Shop on Etsy. It has Good Reviews in Umbrellas And best price.So let to Come to Our Next Product Fabric Lanterns.

Fabric Lanterns

Fabric Lanterns Can be use with the garlands And Umbrellas.If you are going above your budget then you can select one Product fabric Lanterns or Decorative Umbrellas. I recommend you that do a Decoration with both. For a Wedding Decoration you can Buy Both of Products. In Fabric lanterns There are Many Types of Decorative Fabric Lanterns you Can Search them on Google . Normally a Lantern Size is Approx 1.5 Ft Long. This is recommend size. But You Can take 2-3 Longer Lanterns in Your Decoration.But do Not Use more Longer Lanterns.

Wedding Backdrops
Wedding Backdrops

So Now , We are coming to pricing of this product. this product also have same price as Umbrellas in between 12 US Dollar to 15 US Dollars. There are many Colors and Designs are Available in the market.You can buy From Amazon or previously Recommend Shop Indiandecorevintage.

Decorative Cushions

There are Many Types of Cushion Covers are Available in the Market. But Here I Recommend you to Use a Plane Cushion Cover With a Single Fabric Color. You Can Choose Color According to Your Theme But Use a Bright Color Like Orange Or Red. Here, You Can Also Use Suzani Cushion Covers. There are 100+ Designs in Suzani Cushions are Available and all are Very Pretty.

Suzani Cushion Covers
Suzani Cushion Covers

These are Some Designs that you can Use For Colorful Theme.Price of Cushion Covers Approx 20 US Dollar Each. I think 20 Pcs Sufficient For a Small Function. So total Investment in Cushion Will Approx 400 USD. You Can Buy These Suzani Covers From Etsy Or Amazon or You Can go to IndiaDecoration.

Curtains for Wedding Decoration

For Wedding Decoration Curtains Volie Fabric is Use. Most of Decorator Use White Color Fabric. You Can Also Use Rayon Challis Fabric. There are Many Types of Draping Fabric For Wedding Or Party. You Can Use Saris,Loincloths,Pareos Also For Decoration.For Making More Colorful Decoration Use Different bright Colors Like yellow, Orange, Red. For a Better use of Fabric Decoration You Can Use in Ballroom. Use the Fabric Decoration in Ceiling of Wedding Backdrops. I am Showing you Some of Images That Will Give you a Little idea For your Wedding Decorations.

Wedding Decoration Fabric
Wedding Decoration Fabric

You Can See The Image here they Use Voile Fabric.You Can Also Use Low Weight Fabric or Indian Saris Place of this fabric But Voile Fabric Easily Available in the Market So Use of This Fabric is Better Then Other. Its Price is Approx 3 Us Dollar to 4 US Dollars for one yard. So its Cheaper Then Other Fabrics. For Buying This you Can go to IndianMart . Here you Can Purchase Easily.

Tapestries for wall hanging

Tapestries are Very Popular For Wall hanging. Normally people use Bohemian Tapestries on Beach for picnic or people Use For Wall Decor In There Living but It can be Use in Pre-Wedding Function Like Dance And Henna Function. Remember Not Use in Main Wedding Function.In India, People Use these tapestries in Wedding Backdrops.

Suppose You Want to Hide a Tree Or Hide a wall Which is not Colored or Looking bad in Your Decoration Then You Can Use Tapestries there For Hiding Them.So this is Also a Very Good Wedding Backdrop Ideas For Your Wedding These Tapestries are Just a Option For you Not Necessary to Use as Wedding Background. As Pillow Covers, There are many Designs Of Wall Hanging Tapestries And There price is Also Same as Cushions.

So For Your Wedding Party Decoration This is Also a Option For Decoration. So I Recommend you to Use 4-5 Tapestries in your Decoration And After Using in Your Party you Can use These Tapestries in Your Living or You Can Use in Next Function Or Picnic.

Indian Tapestries
Indian Tapestries

In Wedding Backdrops, Tapestries are Also a Good And Cheap Option For Wedding Background.These are Some of Popular Designs That People Like So Much. For Each Tapestry Price is 20 US Dollars.Minimum 5 Pieces Should be Needed For Wedding Backdrops So In 100 to 200 US Dollars You Will Get Tapestries For Your Wedding Backdrops Decorations. For Buying these Tapestries I am Suggesting you Again Amazon For Cheap Price or you Can go to This Shop IndiaDecoration On Etsy.

Decorative Ottoman Pouf

In Wedding Backdrops, People Also Use Decorative Ottoman Pouf. These are Like a Circular Seat. Normally This Product is use in Henna Function for giving a Traditional Look to Theme. This is Also a Good Combination with Other Products That I Described Above. In This Item Biggest Problem is to found a perfect size pouf cover. For Solution first Purchase a pouf Cover After then make Seat as Size of Cover.

Decorative Ottoman Pouf
Decorative Ottoman Pouf

Decorative Ottoman Pouf is Also a cheap and Wonderful Product For Your Wedding Backdrops. One More Idea For Pouf is You Can Fill the Waste Like Poly or Waste Fabrics in this Pouf Cover. Its Price is Approx 25 to 30 US Dollars. For a Small Wedding Function Or Wedding Party You Need Approx 30 Pieces Of This Pouf So it Makes total Approx 800 Dollars. You Can Purchase It From Amazon. There are Many Designs You Can Select the Design From the Sellers Catalog.

So Now We Have Covered all Cheap and Wonderful Products For Your Wedding Backdrops. So Within 3000 US Dollars to 3500 US Dollars You Can Make a Wonderful and Attractive Wedding Backdrops. So Totally My Motive is give you a ruff Idea About the products That you Can Use For your Wedding Backdrops.

Special Note – I Recommended Some of Wedding Backdrops Shops And websites For Purchasing these Products.Its Not Necessary to buy from them.I used One or More Shops Services on Etsy. I Found They Have a good Service So I recommend you to Buy From Them or There are Many other Sellers On Google who Can Provide you all Product.

If You Think That I Have to add Something More In My Article then Give Your Suggestion in Comment I will Modify My Article And Add Your Suggested Topic.

If You have Any Query regarding to this Content Then you Can Contact us.


What is Wedding Backdrop?

A wedding Backdrop is a Place of Wedding or Party Where you Want to Decor And where all Activities Will Done.

For Cheap Decoration You Can Use Marigold Garlands,Fabric Lanterns,Decorative Umbrella’s,Tapestries for wall hanging,Fabric Lanterns,Decorative Ottoman Pouf,Curtains ETC.

You Will Find Best Decoration Products On indiandecorevintage.etsy.com

Cheapest Wedding Backdrops Cost Will Approx 2500 US Dollar to 3000 US Dollars And if you Can effort Expensive Then it will up to 50,000 US Dollars

Its Necessary to decor Your Stage, Your Home and Guest hall with Garlands and Multi Color Lighting for a Beautiful Photography.

You Can Decorate with Marigold Garlands ,Flowers,Decorative Umbrella’s,Tapestries for wall hanging,Fabric Lanterns,Decorative Ottoman Pouf,Curtains ETC.If Your Function is in Evening Then Multi Color Lights are Necessary For Decoration.

I think you Should Spend Maximum 10 Thousand US Dollars on Your Wedding Backdrops Decoration. This Price is Sufficient for a Perfect and Attractive Wedding Decorations

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